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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Should a 7th grader take the ACT or SAT?

A mom wonders whether her #middle-schooler should take one of the main college entrance #exams

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Conceived as a way to identify talent, standardized testing is leaving too many students behind. The U.S. needs new answers

How US test scores rank globally

The #PISA survey tests kids around the world in math, reading science and other subjects. CNBC's Sue Herera asks the director of the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment Andreas Schleicher, why the U.S. is underperforming.

Cincinnati ACT Prep from 99th Percentile Tutors | Cincinnati ACT Preparation - YouTube

#Cincinnati ACT Prep from 99th Percentile Tutors | Cincinnati Ohio ACT Preparation A professional tutor for the #SAT or #ACT is one who spends his days full-time..

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Test Preparation for the ACT Test: First Free English Session

We are really geared to start off our live ACT prep for those in Youtube land and for my Mason and Cincinnati, Ohio, young people away for Christmas.

This evening's live ACT prep (the majority of which being in Cincinnati) will focus on the English section, sharing the same techniques that have helped our pupils obtain up to perfect marks on their ACT tests.

A great time for giving:  We are giving away the secrets to our 99th percentile test prep

A portion of the buzz has been not only our move of the test prep service for the SAT and ACT to Cincinnati, but also the beginning of 10 years of tutelage given by A+ Tutoring Test Preparation. We have now coached 800 students in the South Florida and Greater Cincinnati areas!

We will begin by discussing the four different "tests" of the ACT, beginning with the English section, where we will break down the 4 basic classifications we follow to help our students get perfect marks. The strategy, certainly, contains a lot more than four simple components. We will also investigate syntax and the types of questions that are duplicated between the English and Reading tests.

Though the English test is perhaps the most complicated and rule-oriented of all the tests of the ACT, knowing ways to find verbs, subjects, and any conjunctions and other parts of speech gives us the grounds for knowing each of the other rules and recognizing other grammar circumstances.
We will refer to grammatical marks, modifiers, the varied elements of verbs, and parallelism to catch mistakes, as we check for accuracy and effectiveness. Syntax will be coped with also, as we cover main idea and inferential thinking questions.

Please interject with any questions as we show genuine ACT questions and how we handle them. We'd love to hear your feedback and wish you the best score imaginable as you give your ACT test prep your best shot!

ACT Test Prep for My Cincinnati Students

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Quest to Help Students to Flawless Scores in their ACT Test Prep

ACT test  prep work is not  anything I naturally thought I 'd be carrying out when I "grew up". Though someone or some test may have told me I could be a teacher some day , I really found school quite mundane  as well as intimidating and couldn't wait to get out. Little did I  have an idea that about 20 years later I would have a  bunch of education and a  great deal of skills to help students dominate with test preparation .

Returning to Cincinnati after being a  extremely successful private tutor in South Florida , I  gradually built up my tutoring circuit to now have had about 800 students total. I  think the secret is having a
system. Since students more easily lose focus today than in yesteryear , they often lose track of what they are really looking for, make careless errors, or don't break problems down properly. All this is
completely  preventable.

At the time I started tutoring in Loveland, I got married

Sure, there are difficult questions on standardized tests like the SAT and ACT, but one can still miss one or two questions and still get a perfect score. I tell my students that if we can learn the techniques that have helped my students into the 99th percentile, then we can worry about the last 1 %. Critical thinking is huge.

I share here a bit about how  this happened and how I believe I can help student get ready for their exams, whether we at the 5 percentile mark or the 95 percentile mark, if we work together.

Is there some secret to making this all work? I think not.  If we really focus on following the program in our ACT and SAT prep, we can be successful in Loveland, Ohio, or anywhere else.